Whoever Resembles a People is One of Them. He is not one of us who resembles other than us,
nor who resembles the Jews nor the Christians.(jami-at-tirmidhi-vol-5-ahadith-2695)
O you who believe (who wish to reach ALLAH C.C. before death)! Do not take my and
your enemies for friends!
And although they have denied what has come to you
from the Truth, you still love them (treating them as your friends).
If you go forth to struggle hard in My Way, seeking My Pleasure, (then why) you manifest
love to them and share with them your secrets.
And I know what you conceal and what you manifest. And whoever of you does that, then he
indeed has gone astray from the right Way. 60/Al-Mumtahanah-1
They are driving out the Messenger and yourselves from your land because you
believe in ALLAH C.C., your Lord.
Recite (read and explain to others) that which has been revealed to you of the Book
and keep up the Prayer.
Surely the Prayer keeps away from Al-Fahsh (to do what ALLAH C.C. prohibits) and Al-Munkar
(to deny what ALLAH C.C. commands).
Whoever obeys me, obeys ALLAH C.C., and whoever disobeys me, disobeys ALLAH C.C.
Whoever obeys the ruler, obeys me, and whoever disobeys the ruler, disobeys me. " (Sahih)

About me

He is founder of Dataera Information Technology Solutions which provides database and OS consulting services and the blog sysdba.org .

He has been involved in DBA, with Oracle databases since 2006.

His main interests include core database administration and DR/HA architectures (Maximum availability architecture) also operating system management mostly unix/linux systems.

Currently he is holding Oracle OCP(9i/11G) and OCE Database/RAC/ExaData Administrator (professional/specialist/expert) titles and RHCSA (Redhat certified system administrator) and also Microsoft’s MCSE 2000 certificate.

Since 2009 Mehmed has published over than 100 articles here covering a wide range of Oracle and linux/unix features and how to guides.

He enjoys reading, camping, trekking, playing football (soccer) and jogging.

Mehmed lives in Istanbul with his wife, and their three children, Ahmed Mahi , Aishe Elif and Meryem Betül. He spends a great deal of his spare time with his wonderful family and, whenever possible, reading books,walking in the seacost , riding bicycle.

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