Sysdate is an example of a function triggered by the sysdate system date.


A function retrieves a value. (SELECT) generally carries out select operations within functions. It requests a set of ids and returns the corresponding names.

Example, return the Turkish date:

Create or Replace Function: Represented as a c or an r in the view. Privileges are removed if this is dropped.

This is why create or replace is preferred, as the code can change but the privileges remain.

Can be run in toad’s editor with “run as script”

This function works on every table, it returns as many results as there are rows in a table

Returns a single result from dual. Alternatively, create a table called single_row so that there would only be a single line entry.

Example: Change to upper case

Where the functions are used: The set name, so that a user can give an id to get its name.