Joomla Backup Restore

Joomla backup and restore

In order to restore a Joomla CMS website there needs to be a backup of the websites home folder.


A – Making a backup of MySQL

1. Using phpMyAdmin

There are 2 ways of making a backup.

joomla backup restore joomla backup restore

This backs up the SQL database into an .sql file.


2. To make a backup using the terminal


Şifre eklenebilir (Boylece backup dan once sormasi engellenir)


joomla backup restore joomla backup restore Select wikidb from the left and follow the steps shown in the screenshots. First make a new database and user, then restore the backup database. joomla backup restore

2. With a terminal

Create the database

 Create a user

 Granting Privileges to the user

 Restoring from the backup

B – Restoring from the Joomla home folder

This can be easily be done by copying from the operating system’s root/home folder to /var/www/html.


  1. It would be necessary to edit configuration.php if there are differences in the database name, username and paths.
  2. Problems uploading large files can be solved by editing the max_upload_size value in php.ini.
  3. It is necessary to reorganise /var/www/html/logs and /var/www/html/tmp.