tar archives are a type of compressed file, similar to zip files.

SCP (secure copy) securely copyies files between a local and a remote system
The following code copies the contents of the local downloads folder to the machine with at IP to its /shared/programs folder:

Recording audio

To view the libraries that a specific program uses

Replacing all the .html files extensions with .txt extensions

To switch between XServers

When there are performance issues, the following code finds and closes (kills) long running processes using kill -9 process id.

Fast creation of the snmpd.conf file at first use

Searching folders identified by their paths (could be useful on mounted CDROMs or the NFS directory)

To delete a file using the find command and file extension

To view only the folders or files that are linked to

Actively following or tailing recorded logs

Killing all parent and child processes that were started by a logged on user

Activating the DMA mode of a CD-Rom (useful in situations when frames are skipped or with similar processes during film playback)

To place the monitor in Standby mode

To download a specific folder from the Internet

to: user@domain.com

At 03:00 (morning) daily from Monday to Friday

Only on Mondays

Crontab related examples
# Prints out the ram to /tmp/ram every hour


# Running a script at 06:30 (morning) on the 1st and 15th of every month

# To run a mrtg script every 5 mins

# To run disk.sh every Saturday at 11

# To run a script every 2 hours