RAC to Single Instance Data Guard Physical Standby

This article shows how to setup an Oracle binary on both a Solaris 10 and on an OEL (Oracle Linux Server release 6.4) system.

Steps for the Standby Server

Step 10. Create the directories

Step 11. Adjusting the init.ora parameters for the DataGuard. (making the necessary changes in the primaryinit.ora_for_std.ora file for the standby).

Step 12. Creating the password files (orapw$instance_name)
(There’s no need to do this if the file has already been created as shown in Step 4. of the Steps for the Primary Database)

Step 13. Entering the SID information in the listener.ora

Note 1: The tests were carried out successfully before making any changes, however listener entries were made as shown in these articles.

Note 2: Saving the listener.ora file without leaving a space character at the beginning of each line results in a syntax error.

Step 14. Enter the Primary RAC Data into tnsnamas.ora (making it the same as the primary).
All need to be the same. Check using $tnsping

Step 15. Creating the StandBY database

In the StandBY


Ceate the standby redologs when opened in mount mode.