RAC to Single Instance Data Guard Physical Standby

This article shows how to setup an Oracle binary on both a Solaris 10 and on an OEL (Oracle Linux Server release 6.4) system.

Configuration of DataGuard Broker

In the Primary database – on every node.

On Node 1

In the Standby database – on every node.

Note: Due to a bug in version, NetTimeout has been set to 180.
Both of these should be used carefully as they can close the database depending on the protection mode.




Note: After the switchover a few errors can be viewed using dgmgrl (Data Guard command-line interface) but after a while the Data Guard Broker fixes these and the errors disappear.

Both sides have thus successfully carried out a switch over.


Resolving Archive Log Gaps

Copying the archivelogs to the ASM and saving them: