RAC to Single Instance Data Guard Physical Standby

This article shows how to setup an Oracle binary on both a Solaris 10 and on an OEL (Oracle Linux Server release 6.4) system.


To Switchover
In Primary

In Standby
If the Managed Recovery Process (MRP) has stopped

Original Primary (Currently Standby)


Action: Query the GV$INSTANCE view as follows to determine which instances are causing the problem:



In the previous example, the identified instance must be manually shut down before the switchover can proceed. You can connect to the identified instance from your instance and issue the SHUTDOWN statement remotely, for example:

Protection Modes



Maximum Availability

Maximum Performance

Maximum Protection


Setting log_archive_dest_state to defer mode in the Primary


Shutdown Managed Recovery Process (MRP) in the Standby


Open the primary database, enable log_archive_dest_state and alter the system switch logfile;